We eliminate the middlemen. We are different from other money managers and financial planners who charge yearly management fees and/or commissions in addition to the yearly management fees the mutual funds they select for their clients charge. We build a proprietary low cost customized portfolio for our clients, thereby avoiding "double dipping".

We manage year-end gains and losses for tax planning

We structure alternative investments so our clients can participate at dollar levels tailored to their portfolio.

Our services

The Level Partners Advantage:

Investment Analysis & Management:

  • Analyze current Investments
  • Match investment vehicles with client goals
  • Design efficient portfolios
  • Evaluate specific investments
  • Analyze risk and return
  • Performance reporting

Program Highlights:

  • Money & Wealth Management services utilizing individual securities
  • Consolidation and simplification on investment accounts
  • Estate, insurance, retirement and wealth acceleration strategies
  • Real Estate
  • Oil & Gas
  • Private Equity

how level partners differs from the rest

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We do not use other people's products. We invest only in individual securities and not mutual funds.

how we are different


We don't use other people's ideas. We are the portfolio manager and information source and are easily accessible for clients questions and discussions.

Through our affiliation with the Ohio State University's College of Business, we have the latest research on modern portfolio theory.

We use a 4-Step wealth management process and customize each portfolio to the client's goal and objectives.

We use an Investment Spectrum with over twenty asset choices for diversification.